TENCEL™ is a brand name for lyocell and modal fibers, which are part of the viscose family. TENCEL™ is made from wood - yes, you read that correctly! It might seem odd that the hard wood you're familiar with can be transformed into silky soft textiles.

Our decision to work with TENCEL™ stems from its unique combination of environmental responsibility and high quality. The main ingredient in TENCEL™ is wood fibers from the eucalyptus tree, known for its rapid growth and ability to thrive without irrigation, significantly reducing water usage. Additionally, the eucalyptus tree yields a rich harvest even on land where conventional crops like cotton and food can't grow, making it a resource-efficient solution. 

These wood fibers are sourced from forests that are sustainably managed, with FSC certification or similar, ensuring responsible forest management. This certification guarantees that logging does not exceed the forest's natural reproduction rate while protecting biodiversity and ensuring the rights and safety of forest workers. 

In conclusion, TENCEL™ offers an eco-friendly end to the product's life cycle; the fiber is almost entirely biodegradable and recyclable, emphasizing our commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. By choosing TENCEL™, we opt for a future where fashion and responsibility go hand in hand.