Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Products certified with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) guarantee that there is at least 50% recycled textile material in the final product. GRS certifies the entire production process, but it also ensures good working conditions and chemical restrictions.

One of the key components of GRS is the requirement that final products must contain at least 50% recycled textile material. This ambitious goal promotes the use of recycled materials, reduces dependence on new raw materials, and thereby also decreases the overall environmental footprint of the product. By transforming waste into valuable resources, GRS actively contributes to a more circular economy, where nothing is wasted.

GRS also has strict requirements for the production process, including establishing good working conditions and managing chemicals. GRS insists on socially responsible production conditions, ensuring that workers are treated fairly, and their rights are respected.

GRS addresses the use of chemicals in the production process. By implementing chemical restrictions, the standard ensures that the products are safe to use and wear, leading to fewer harmful emissions and a healthier environment.

Choosing Global Recycled Standard certification for our products reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility, particularly with materials like polyester, which is used in our outerwear, among other products. Our decision to partner with Repreve is central to this strategy, illustrating our commitment not just to using recycled materials, but to doing so in a way that respects both the planet and the people we share it with.

Repreve is known for transforming used plastic bottles into high-value fibers, which are then used in the manufacture of our polyester products. This process reduces our reliance on new raw materials, minimizes waste, and fosters positive environmental changes.

By Green Cotton licensnumber:
GOTS Organic Certified by Ecocert Greenlife Lic. No. 151714