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“Grønt Genliv” is a pilot project at by Green Cotton where we have taken sustainability to the next level. Using a completely new technology we have created a circular loop in our supply chain. We have sent the collected clothes to Turkey where they are sorted, processed into granules and textile pieces/pulp, then turned into yarn and afterwards new fabrics. Finally, it ends with a completely new piece of clothes which is a part of the “Grønt Genliv” collection. We must experiment with technologies like these, to stay on the path for a more sustainable textile industry. Our “Grønt Genliv” collection is a small exclusive collection with focus on styles for the entire family – babies, children and adults. In the collection you can find bodystockings, leggings and t-shirts. We have also created a t-shirt with our slogan “GRØNT LOOP NU”. Translated it means “Green loop now”. The idea behind the slogan is to have more focus on the circular supply chain.

Discarded clothes

The idea behind “Grønt Genliv” is to help change the way we see our discarded clothes. Instead of discarded clothing being trash, it is a resource that can be reused. Until now, it has been difficult to recycle cotton in a profitable and sustainable way so it can be used for new clothes. These years we see a lot of testing to find new ways to make clothes from destroyed clothes. At by Green Cotton we would like to be some of the first to help create that, which is why we have created “Grønt Genliv”. A special collection made from discarded by Green Cotton clothes.

Sustainable pioneers

Green Cotton Group has been a pioneer in the production of organic cotton from the beginning. In fact, Green Cotton Group were the first in the world to create a t-shirt from certified organic cotton almost 30 years ago. The world and the textile industry has changed a lot since, and it is more important than ever before to look at new opportunities to become even more sustainable.

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  1. Grønt Genliv t-shirt woman
    Grønt Genliv t-shirt woman
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  2. Grønt Genliv body
    Grønt Genliv body
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  3. Grønt Genliv t-shirt man
    Grønt Genliv t-shirt man
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  4. Grønt Genliv t-shirt
    Grønt Genliv t-shirt
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    Grønt Genliv t-shirt
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