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FIGURE blankie with a teether

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Sweet and soft pacifier in the delicious, soft material you know from cloth diapers.

The pacifier cloth has knot arms and a biting ring in wood which can be tied on and off as needed.

The arms of the pacifier can be tied up so that a pacifier can be tied in the pacifier.

Measures 35 x 35 cm.

Remove tree teether before wash

The clothes are GOTS Organic certified which means, that the cotton is certified organic. Also the strictest concern for the environment has been taken in all the other processes, like dying, knitting and sewing. GOTS also takes into consideration the work conditions for the workers.

GOTS Organic
Certified by Ecocert Greenlife Lic. No. 152033

Material: Organic cotton 100%

Machine wash 40 °
Tumble dry at low temperature
Wash with similar colors
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