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Here you can trace the products journey from raw materials to the consumer - your certainty of responsible production

Product name: COZY ME layer dress
Brand: Müsli by Green Cotton
Material: 100% organic cotton

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This product is designed in Ikast, Danmark i Maj 2020.

Our Danish design team is highly educated in designing with sustainability and certifications in mind. They are experts in following the current trend, but always seek out the most environmentally gentle path from concept to final product when they design our new collections. Components such as color, print, sequins and thread all have to live up to the strict GOTS standard to meet the certification requirement.

When our main collections are sold, we take inventory on what fabric we have left, and then use whatever is left over in our Zero Waste Collection.

Pictured is our chief designer Maria Ruston.



This organic cotton was harvested in Turkey, September 2020

This part of the production has the biggest impact on the environment. Under normal circumstances, growing cotton requires lots of water, pesticides and fertilizers. We always seek the more sustainable way to farm, and all cotton used in our products is therefore organic. That means less water used, no harmful pesticides and no artificial fertilizers.

After harvesting, the fiber is separated from the seed, and the seed is then replanted the following year, or used un oil or feedstuff.



This product was woven in Turkey, Januar 2021

Deriving and washing the raw cotton fiber can be a loud and dusty business if you do it the traditional way. The same goes for weaving the final fabric. We guarantee the best technology is used so that this step in the production process is run as gently as possible.

We all know that smell a new piece of clothing has. That smell is actually residue from all the harmful chemicals used in conventional treatments, dyes and washes the garment goes through before it arrives in your home. In that process the harmful chemicals end up in the water around the factory on a local level, and a small amount will stay in the garment forever no matter how often you wash it. You will not experience the new clothing odor from our clothing since we only use GOTS approved dyes and treatments.



This product was sown in Lvivtex i Ukraine, April 2021

Lvivtex is By Green Cotton's own factory and we are proud to celebrate a 20 year anniversary this year. Here, we can ensure that there are good working conditions, and that production is run sustainably. The fabric is cut, embroidered and sewn in our building. Since we are GOTS certified we also must adhere to social responsibility for the people we employ and we participate in charitable organizations in the local community.



This product has been in the warehouse in Herning, Danmark siden Maj 2021

Our warehouse in Herning is the final destination for the product before it make it to your home. The certified clothing is separated from any non-certified items and we use reused packaging.